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Nature Power Soap

Power Soaps is a household name in the detergent and bathing soap segment in South India. The brand stands proud as a triumph of entrepreneurial spirit, vision and a customer-centric business.

A Dream Unfolds

Started in the 1970's, Power Soaps was established as the Gold Company and operated with a single unit at Kodai Road, Dindigul Dist, Tamilnadu. It was founded by Krishna Nadar, a visionary entrepreneur who believed that there existed a great demand for quality yet affordable detergent soaps. His sharp business acumen and astute strategies paved the way for the rapid growth of the brand. He built the business on the strong foundation of ethics and building enduring customer relationships

Moving to The Next Level

After R Krishnan Nadar's regime, the mantle was taken over by his son K.Dhanapal who took it to newer heights and the company expanded. In 1998, detergent powder was introduced and this was an extremely successful venture too.


The Growth Spurt

The consistent success of the company inspired it to diversify into various segments. It ventured into the personal care industry too, with hair care products like the Nature Power range of shampoos and skin care products like the Nature Power range of beauty soaps, Clora Toothpaste, Laa Talc and Laa Fair Fairness cream.

The company also diversified into the soft drink market with Powersoft Drinks Pvt Ltd., formerly Elanjikal Soft Drinks Chennai Pvt. Ltd., at Padappai, 14 kms from Tambaram in Tamil Nadu. The Mango Dice brand was manufactured here. Hello Water and Power Water mineral water brandswere also introduced.

Taking on a New Identity

The next step was to consolidate all brands under one umbrella and this was done through creating the Power Soaps identity. This created a leap in brand value and image. Later, Power exited the soft drink and water business to sharpen the focus on detergents and personal care.

Powering Today’s World

Power Soaps with its huge bouquet of detergent and personal care brands has a huge presence across South India and exports to countries like the Gulf. The quality products have been appreciated by customers making it a household name. The brands are backed by a strong manufacturing infrastructure with plants in Sembiapalayam. Gummudipoondi, Periyapalayan, Silvassa and Karaikal.



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