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Nature Power Soap


The Power soaps have been bringing out the queenly feel in all women since 1970's. The brand Power soaps has been built on the philosophy of delivering trusted quality in home care and skin care products by introducing a number of varieties

The wide range of soaps and detergents has made Power Soaps extremely popular in the core market of South India and Sri Lanka and has entitled to do the same by exporting to newer markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and African countries.

Developing human resources is a continuous process at Power. Also, employees here receive adequate information relating to their tasks through circulars, notices and meetings to enable them to plan and perform their jobs well.

Power hires only the best people in their respective fields, people with a capacity to take on the challenge of realizing the Power's vision. At Power, we offer you more ways to take advantage of development opportunities, more room to succeed and grow, attractive reward and benefits packages and numerous directions in which to pursue a career, made by you.

Please send your updated Resume to hr@powersoaps.com



Worried about how our products reacts on your skin. Get relaxed by referring to our FAQs


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Different skin types and conditions require different skin care routine. This simple guide will help you to choose the right products for your skin care routine and some differences between the products, so these are very easy steps to follow and implement very good skin care for your skin type and your skin condition.

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