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Nature Power Soap

Power Soap

The Power soaps have been bringing out the queenly feel in all women since 1970's. The brand Power soaps has been built on the philosophy of delivering trusted quality in home care and skin care products by introducing a number of varieties.Experience our lovely scented and rich lathering soaps for a refreshing and exfoliating shower.

Power soaps wide variety and rich flavors:
  • Sandal
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Lime
  • Herb

All our soaps leave your skin soft, silky and supple. Try our one of the best products
Papaya Aura soap which takes the shape and essence of the fruit for young, rich and
glowing skin.

The goodness of herbal extracts has been researched and clinically proven for centuries.
The most important factor is that herbal extracts do not have any side effects. Power soaps
have taken a step by empowering soaps with 21 herbs. If you're looking for a subtle,
gradual skin lightener that isn't made entirely of chemicals, this soap with 21
herbs could be an organic and economical choice for you.

One of the basic needs of human is clean clothes. Power detergents
provide relief to those in need by the means of active/triple Power detergent
cakes and triple/hi Power detergent powders. Furthermore the greatest
challenges on the type of water whether it is hard or soft with which the
clothes are washed renders brilliant results with Power detergents.

The wide range of soaps and detergents has made Power Soaps
extremely popular in the core market of South India and Sri Lanka
and has entitled to do the same by exporting to newer markets such as
Singapore, Malaysia and African countries.



Worried about how our products reacts on your skin. Get relaxed by referring to our FAQs


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Different skin types and conditions require different skin care routine. This simple guide will help you to choose the right products for your skin care routine and some differences between the products, so these are very easy steps to follow and implement very good skin care for your skin type and your skin condition.

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